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A-Rod And J-Lo Are Inviting Exes To Their Wedding!

The wedding of the century, and everyone will be invited

September 12, 2019

Planning a wedding can be stressful. Especially when it comes to the guest list. It's hard to agree sometimes, so why not just invite, everyone?

Alex Rodriguez was recently on Good Morning America where he was asked if the exes would be invited. Now remember, these two have some very high profile exes! A-Rod has dated the likes of Cameron Diaz and Madonna. J-Lo has her own list that includes Ben Affleck, Puff Daddy and of course, baby daddy and ex-husband, Marc Anthony.

Here is exactly what Alex said when asked:

“I would say exes invited to wedding. All-inclusive. The more the merrier.”

While he wouldn't reveal too many details abou the upcoming nuptuals, he did say that it would take a significantly long flight to get to it. I'm going to guess Morocco.

I would have to say that no matter where my wedding was, there is no way on earth I would want my exes there.

More power to them though. Excited to see who actually does end up on the  guest list.