Amanda: My Love Story

When you give up on love, it finds you!

September 11, 2018

When you give up on love, when you are absolutely fed up and over it, that’s when love finds you. Let me tell you my story.

Let me start out by saying, I have been married before. Like many people do, I got married, had three kids, a dog, a house, the whole nine. But after 10 years married and 12 years together, we decided to get a divorce.

I used to scoff at people that had divorce parties. But let me tell you, getting divorced after being so unhappily married for sooooo long, it feels like being released after a long prison sentence. Suddenly I could do whatever I wanted without criticism. I could eat what I wanted, wear what I wanted, and listen to whatever music I wanted to. No one was asking me where I was or who was I talking to or where was I going. It…was…Freedom!!!

Fast forward to a rainy day in November. November 6th to be exact. I was working as a morning show host at a local radio station while also selling advertising. A coworker left the station to pursue a nursing career so her accounts were handed out. One of which was a barbershop that was assigned to me. I scheduled the appointment and showed up.

Upon walking through the front door, I was greeted by two men. I shook both of their hands. The older of the two made some flirty comment while the younger seemed to be completely about his business. That was Zay. Always about his business. So he and I continued the conversation in his office. We discussed his advertising contract, ideas we each had for the business and future marketing plans.

 Not once during this hour and a half long conversation did this man hit on me. Not a slick side comment. No “pretty girls like you”. Nothing. Just great conversation between two people with a mutual view on work ethic. I had another meeting the next town over so I thanked him for his time and started to excuse myself. That’s when he pulled his phone out and started scrolling through his calendar. I assumed he was looking to schedule our next meeting and that’s when he said, “Would you like to get a cup of coffee sometime or dinner? Tonight? Maybe Saturday?” I almost fell over.

Of course he was attractive. Extremely! But I hadn’t even thought about it. I was happy in my single world. I wasn’t looking. But I thought, why not? I said to him “Are you asking me out?” He said, “I mean I don’t want to be inappropriate. You’re here on business. I just thought….”

I blurted out “Yes. Dinner. Tonight. I have an event until 8 and then we can go out after that.”

We went out. Drank. Laughed. Listened to music. Music has always been a huge part of our relationship. Our mutual love of music bound us together from the beginning. We spent the next several months falling in love and being together every second we possibly could. This man instantly became my best friend. He remembered my friend’s names and what they did for a living. He actually listened to me when I spoke and had genuine interest and concern. I thought he was too good to be true.  But he was real!

Why is he so creepy? Lol. ----------

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We fell in love so fast. But after both coming from long relationships and experiencing a lot of what we don’t want, it was easy to recognize what we did. And it was clearly each other. We spent many days sneaking off from our jobs for our midday breaks together. I had never been so happy in my entire life.

Love of my life. Can't say it enough. #blessed #grateful #happy

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Fast forward several months to April, it was the day after Easter. We had spent the previous day at his moms. She was sick, sitting in a lawn chair watching the kids hunt for Easter eggs. I could tell something was on his mind all day but I let it go. I wasn’t even thinking about it by the next day. I was getting ready for work. It was early. Like 4:30am. I walked into the bedroom and he grabbed me by the arms and sat me down on the bed. He then ran to the closet and pulled something out that was tucked away on the shelf. He came back over to me and got on one knee revealing the ring to me. He said to me, “Amanda, I have never loved anyone as much as I love you. I promise I will always be here for you. I will always take care of you. And I will always love you. Will you spend the rest of your life with me?”

 I of course said yes.  I asked him if he planned it and he said his plan was to propose to me the day before in front of our families but didn’t because his mom had been ill. Had he done it that day like he planned, we would have gotten engaged on the 5th. He told me that after getting so close to asking, he couldn’t stand to wait even one more day to ask me to be his.

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We set the date for August 6th of the following summer. We met on the 6th, got engaged on the 6th. Why not get married on the 6th? So we started planning. We booked a dj. We booked the reception hall. I even bought my dress!

Then one rainy Friday morning, we woke up and rolled over to face each other. He held me and kissed my face and said “I can’t wait another day for you to be my wife. Do you want to just get married today?”

I again, said yes! I mean who wouldn’t? So I took to Facebook and posted “Hey friends. As many of you know, I am ordained. But if I am busy, are any of my friends ordained so that I may refer people to you?” I got several comments including one from a man named Michael Felice. He is a twin who performs weddings with his brother! He is also a season ticket holder at the Captains which is where we met. Michael said to me, “I figured this was for you. If you buy me a beer, I will sign you guys in.”

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So I left work at noon and met Zay at the courthouse to get our marriage license. Then we went over to the barbershop to wait to hear from Michael. The phone rings and its Michael. He says the bar we were going to meet at is closed for the week! “The entire bar is on vacation!” he said.

I told him, “Just come here to the barbershop and I’ll buy you a beer later”. He agreed and drove over to the shop. It was a Friday. Now, normally on a Friday, the barbershop would be full. But the rain and cooler temps were deterring people from coming out so early. So there we were, myself, my fiancé, the minister, and two shop employees. Michael pulls the paper work out of our folder we handed him and he starts to explain. “Now this form right here is just for my records. This one is for you for your wall or whatever you want to do with it. But this one right here, this one is it. When I sign this, you’re married. Are you ready?” We said yes.

He then turns around to face us. At this point he is standing dead in the middle of the shop floor, a barber on either side of him at their chairs, and Zay and I directly in front. He starts to say “Do you take this man?” “Do you take this woman?” Anyone who knows Zay knows that he is a very private person, so the fact that this minister is doing this in the middle of the shop, in front of employees, it’s causing Zay to be a bit flustered. So much so that when Michael said “You may kiss the Bride” Zay reached for his hand to shake it instead of kissing me!

I turned to him and said, “You’re going to kiss me and I don’t care who sees!” I threw both my arms around his neck and kissed him right there in front of everyone. Overcome with emotion, we took a step back and that’s when I realized. The very spot where we just said “I do” is exactly where we were standing when we first met and shook hands.

For me, this is my fairytale. Even in writing this, I am remembering why I fell in love with him in the first place.  Happy Anniversary baby! 9-11-15