Arnold Schwarzenegger attacked at charity event

Man drop kicks Arnold Schwarzenegger from behind!

May 20, 2019

© Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports


You have to either be super human or just plain crazy to try and take down the Terminator. I'm going to guess we are dealing with the second in this scenario.

The scene unfolded at Arnold's annual event, the Arnold Classic Africa. Accoring to, the event is desribed as follows:

"Three years ago, four South African bodybuilding and sports enthusiasts collaborated to make the Arnold Sports Festival a reality on the African continent under the broad theme ‘My Sport, My Passion’. In partnership with the Gauteng Provincial Government and the SA Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee (SASCOC), Arnold Classic Africa affords athletes the opportunity to compete in an international competition, against participants from all continents, in Africa. Like its global counterparts, the African rendition embraces numerous sporting codes and promotes these through demonstrations, contests, record attempts and sports celebrities over three days each May."

So why would someone choose this venue to attack Arnold. As stated previously, he must have been crazy. Watch it all happen in the video below:

I know, right????!!!

Arnold's response is the best.

That dude's flying kick simply felt like a push from an excited crowd to the former Mr. Universe!!! Lolololol. But per Arnold's request, we have to highlight some of the amazing people involved in this awesome event.