Celebrate National Cake Day With These Delicious Cake Recipes!

The Pineapple Upside-Down cake has us drooling

November 26, 2018
National Cake Day Nov. 26th

November 26th is National Cake Day!

Wether you are at a birthday party, wedding, or holiday celebration, cake is sure to make an appearance.

Mix it with some ice cream and you have two of America's favorite desserts in one! There are many different ways to make and enjoy cake.

Here are some of our favorite cake recipies. 

To help keep the mess down, make your cake in a cup! 

A flourless cake if you are Gluten Free 

Can't forget the pineapples! 


Did you know that you can make your boxed cake mix taste just like it was homemade if you substitute whole milk for water in the recipe?