City of Mentor Wraps Firetruck in Lavender for Cancer awareness

Mentor FD shows their support for those affected by Cancer

August 22, 2018

What does a Fire Department do when they want to send a message to those affected by cancer in their community? They wrap a truck in purple!

Or as Mentor Fire's Public Education Specialist, Jerry Craddock said, "Well Amanda, let me correct you. It's lavender." Why lavendar? Well after discussing wanting to get the truck wrapped, Jerry did some research and learned that the color lavender encompasses all areas of cancer. Wrapping the truck is just one way that the Mentor Fire Department wants to show their support to those in the community who have dealt with cancer either personally or through a loved one. But the LAVENDER display is not the end of the story. They want people to sign the truck too! Sign it, write a message of encouragement or whatever they want to put that will help themselves and help others.

Mentor Fire is seeing lavender with its wrapped engine for cancer awareness. Watch for it around town.

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One thing Jerry said was unexpected was people wanting to share their stories with him. "When they walk away, they're in tears and I guess I wasn't ready for that part of it. The emotional side of it, what the truck was going to bring." The truck was named Comfort 54 and it seems to already be living up to it's name.

And the truck will continue to bring that experience for years to come.

The next opportunity to sign the truck will be at Mentor City Fest this weekend.

It will also be featured in the Cityfest parade where cancer survivors will walk along the parade route with the truck.