Cleveland Gets Electric Scooters.... Then Bans Them

Bird Scooters come to Cleveland and get banned within 24 hours.

August 13, 2018
motorized scooter

Cleveland woke up Friday morning with a new mode of transportation available, electric scooters! A company called "Bird" placed the more than 100 scooters around the city, primarily in the Ohio City neighborhood, this past Friday.

I feel that they would be a great addition as well as supplement to our local RTA service and judging by RTA's tweet, you can see they are in agreement.

However, by Friday evening, the City of Cleveland sent a letter to the "Bird" company requesting all scooters be removed from the streets of Cleveland immediately.

Not all city officials are in agreement. One councilwoman tweeted in support.

Many feel that the decision to pull the scooters was a little hasty and feel that the intricacies of adding them to our city streets could be worked out in time without making them go away completely until we do work it out.

Either way, I'm bummed.