Tri-C Unveiled A Huge New Mascot!

Can you guess what it is?

January 10, 2019

Tri-C announced their new mascot in October and today we finally get to see it!!

Back in September, Cuyahoga Cummunity College put out a poll asking what their new mascot should be.

One option was the Triceratops which overwhelmingly won with more than 4,000 points! Why a Triceratops? Because Cuyahoga Cummunity College has been referred to as Tri-C for decades! The Tri-C Triceratops!!

I absolutely love it!!

But what would this mascot look like? Cute and cuddly? Super scary?

I think they did a great job figuring it out. Check out Tri-C's unveiling below!

We aren't SAURY about our new mascot: The Tri-C Triceratops has a brand new look. -- SPOILER ALERT: Merchandise will be available in bookstores on the first day of classes Monday, January 14. -- #WhereTriceratopsRoam #collegemascot #mascot #tricedu #cleveland

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