Dad and baby

Dad Goes On Twitter Rant About Changing Tables?

Dad put in awkward position demands change.

August 8, 2018

It's not uncommon to see or think of a mom being overwhelmed, multitasking taking care of the kids. But you know what? Dad's change diapers too!

Chris Webb, from Montreal, was recently at a Tim Horton's Restaurant when he needed to change his child's diaper. There was no changing table in the mens restroom so the staff directed him to use the one in the ladies room. Which he did. They assured him the women would not mind and they would understand the situation. However, that was not the case. A woman did come into the bathroom while he was changing his 14 month old's diaper and even after explaining the situation to her, she awkwardly walked out of the restroom.

So what did Chris do? He took to Twitter!!

Tim Horton's did respond saying they will be putting changing tables in the mens restrooms in the near future! Way to go Chris!!!

A win for Dads and Moms everywhere. Because after all, with the addition of the changing tables in the mens restroom, Dad can't back out of changing diapers anymore!