Disney Is Making Virtual Reality That Much More Real

Disney Developing Virtual Reality Floor

August 8, 2018

Joe Burbank/Orlando Sentinel/MCT/Sipa USA


Disney has just filed a patent for some new virtual reality tech. And forget about it being some new type of goggles or body suit. They are working on technology for the floor!!

From what the patent says, it looks like there are actually three different types of tech.

1) Vibration - This would cause friction to help guide the person in the proper direction based on the level of friction and ease of balance, etc.

2) Rotating discs - This would obviously physically turn the person in the proper direction.

3) Magnets and treadmills - This one sounds kind of fun actually. It involves magnets on the soles of one's shoes as well as on the treadmill belt.

Now don't expect me to be able to actually explain this tech in detail. After all, Disney is a leader in entertainment technology so deciphering blue prints from them is not one of my specialties. But you can take a look for yourself here: