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Dr. Phil's House Is For Sale: The Decor Is, Um, Interesting

Dr Phil Lists Home For Sale, Pics Reveal Weird Decor

January 3, 2020

Dr. Phil listed his LA home for $5.75 million. But the price isn't what's making jaws drop. It's the listing photos!!

While sources say Dr. Phil is not actually living in the home, the interior decor is definitely raising some eyebrows. Take a look for yourself.

Um, is that a wall of guns in the dining room? Nothing says family dinner like a display of automatic weapons. I guess. And apparantly the decor can come with the house if you want it!

May I also say, I highly encourage you to click the tweet and read some of the responses. Hilarious. And hey, if this is your taste, you do you. And if you have $5.75 Mil, go get that house!