Haunted Places: Northeast Ohio

The 7 Barns of Bath

October 11, 2018

The story of the 7 Barns of Bath was one that shaped my childhood. The story was originally told to me by my mom. She graduated from Ellet in Akron. This was the story as it was told to her.

During the Great Depression, there was a man who owned a farm with seven barns and a house. He had received word from the bank that he was losing it all. Rather than face what may happen to his family as a result, he brought his wife and children to one of the barns where they were hung. He then went into the farmhouse with his shotgun, into the bathroom, where he turned it on himself and ended his own life. After some years, all that remained on the property was one barn and the farmhouse. It's said that if you go to the house, tha farmer still haunts it.

Now this was the late 70's when this story was going around. My mom had heard that someone attempted to go to the house. They told her that when they approached the old farmhouse, a cat jumped out in front of them and their car stalled out. They pushed it to the side of the road and decided to walk up to the house.

Now at this point, the old farmhouse was falling apart, the windows boarded. But the car full of teens came prepared with a crow bar. It was a hot and humid summer night as they tried prying the boards off of a first floor window, only to have them seemingly snap back at every pull. One of the teens claimed to hear a "no" each time they tried. After several attempts, they were able to get the boards off enough to get into the house. There in the living room, it was scorching hot, steamy and difficult to breathe. They went in search of the bathroom.

Only one dared to go in. His account of what happened next went as follows. The bathroom was cold. Not cooler than the rest of the house. But, cold. Like freezing, see your breathe cold. The next thing he knew, he heard a man's voice scream "Get out!" as the bathroom mirror shattered. The boys all ran out of the house and to the car. It started right up and they sped off.

Now my mom, she is a sceptic. She wanted to see for herself. So she went out to the 7 Barns with a friend. As they approached the house, a cat jumped out and the car died. That was about enough for her. They got the car started back up and took off.

When I was in High School, the barn and house still stood. The house has since been torn down, but one barn remains. Happy Hunting!