How To Sleep In On Christmas Morning When You Have Kids...

Kids get up early on Christmas, but you don't have to!

December 18, 2018

It's hard not to get excited for Christmas morning, especially for the kids.

But 4 am wake up calls are not my idea of a Merry Christmas. This is how I get to sleep later than my kids on Christmas morning.

Here's what I do:

Before bedtime...

  • Have some sort of physical activity before it becomes time to start winding down. Whether that means sledding, taking the dog for a walk as a family, or an innocent pillow fight, it's great to get their energy out early on so that they have time to unwind.
  • Have the kids take a nice hot(warm) shower or bath to get them relaxed before they put on their Christmas jammies. According to, "Coming out of a warm shower and into a cooler bedroom will cause a slight decrease in body temperature, a drop that scientifically helps trigger a tranquil, drowsy feeling by slowing down essential metabolic activities."
  • Make sure to have a snack!! A snack before bed can help the kids get to sleep quickly and stay that way. Just like at Thanksgiving with Turkey,  tryptophan can be found in many other foods, including nuts! Having a peunut butter sanwhich or even a turkey and cheese could really help the kids get ready to sleep. And you can never go wrong with warm milk!

Christmas morning...

  • Let them have their stockings!!! I always let my kids open their stockings as soon as they get up. This gives them soemthing to do and also gives them a little taste to tide them over until mom and dad are up and the coffee is ready.
  • Stock that stocking!! Put things in the stocking that will keep them busy. I like to include a movie in at least one of my kids stockings, as well as games that they can play together.
  • Let them have one present that they can open. Then hide it from them and leave them hints to find it! For example, put the first clue in their stocking. Like "I can tell you the time with my face". Then put the next hint at the clock, and so on and so forth!
  • Have breakfast ready!! Bake some banana bread or muffins the night before. Or even pick some up at the local bakery or grocery store. Have juice and yogurt on deck! Stick a bowl of fruit out or cut some up and stash it in the fridge for the morning. If you've never learned how to use the timer on your coffee maker, now is the time. There is something awesome about waking up Christmas morning to your coffee already being brewed and ready to go.

With all of these tips and tricks, you should be guraunteed to sleep in until at least 6:30 am! Maybe even 8 am if you're super lucky!