How to take amazing selfies every time!

Short arms? Chubby cheeks? No problem!

October 23, 2018

Do you hate taking selfies because they always turn out bad? Here are some fool proof tips to help get the best selfie possible!

1) Look up at the camera! By looking up, you are stretching your skin across your face and neck and eliminating some of the chub that you just don't want to see in a photo. This is the most flattering angle.

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2) Smile!!!! Your smile injects warmth and personality into your photo. Especially if you can muster up a laugh. Show those pearly whites!!

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3) Take a lot of pictures!!! Move slightly from one photo to the next. One selfie is never enough! This gives you a chance to choose!

4) Lighting is important!!! Brighter lighting is usually better. They even sell phone cases with a selfie light built in.

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5) Keep your background in mind! An interesting background can really enhance your photo. But be aware of your surroundings because one bad photobomber can ruin any amazing photo.

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