J-Lo Delights Restaurant Goers And A-Rod With Surprise Performance

Alex Rodriguez reacts adorably to J-Lo's impromptu dinner performance!

August 9, 2018
Jennifer Lopez Alex Rodriguez J-Lo A-Rod

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Jennifer Lopez decided to surprise diners and her boyfriend while out to dinner at a restaurant in Capri with an impromptu performance.

Now I can't tell you how many times I have had a song come on while out at dinner and I wanted to get up on the table and sing and dance for everyone. But noone wants to see or hear that and I'm pretty certain my hubby would go hide in the bathroom until I was done.

But for A-rod and several lucky diners at a restaurant in Capri, when Jennifer Lopez's hit "Let's Get Loud" started playing, she took the mic and hopped on stage and performed for everyone in the house. Could you even imagine being at dinner when one of your favorite singers pops up and starts singing??

Not only was it so cool for everyone in attendance but boyfriend Alex Rodriguez seemed to enjoy it as well. Check out his tweet and pay attention to his face!

Is that the look of love or what?? So happy to see her man look at her like that!!!