Amanda's Real Life "Evil" Stepsister

A KILLER interview with one of Cedar Point's Screamsters!!

October 25, 2018

I am a huge fan of Fall and Halloween is my favorite holiday. And now I even have my very own Screamster in my family!! My step-sister, Ashley, joined the team this season at Cedar Point as one of their Screamsters!

This is the term they use for the employees in the haunted attractions at Halloweekends. What an awesome and super cool job.

I had so many questions, so I asked them! Here's your real behind the scenes info on what it's like to be a Screamster!

Amanda: So what made you want to be a screamster?

Ashley: I have always wanted to be a Screamster. Each time I visited the park in the past, I have had nothing but fun visiting the Halloween attractions. I actually had a friend do it quite a few years back, and have always wanted to do it myself, as Halloween is my favorite holiday.

Amanda: Who is your character?

Ashley: We get our assignments and we create our character names and backstories ourselves. My character's name is Lucy Bloom. She is a diner girl at the Roadkill Buffet, just outside the Slaughterhouse. The past few weeks, however, she has been working in the saw room inside the Slaughterhouse attraction. Lucy's backstory is that she is very friendly to people from a distance, but when they get too close, she (quite literally) scares them away. Growing up, she always wanted to fit in, and has always been a friendly person, but was severely bullied, so she developed a resistance toward people, and never let's anyone too close to her as a result. Long story short: her heart and mind do not communicate well. She is quite bipolar.

Amanda: Where have you worked inside of the park? Like where might people find you if they come out?

Ashley: In the park, I have only worked inside the Slaughterhouse and the diner in front of it. Occasionally, other departments will ask screamsters to help them out, such as with taking tickets or working in the parking lots, but I have not had those opportunities.

Amanda: What is your favorite part about scaring as a Screamster?

Ashley: My favorite part about scaring is definitely the reactions I get. A lot of the time, I don't get the reaction I would expect from a guest, and it can be very hard to stay in character and not lose it with laughter. Screamsters strive for knockdowns, which are exactly how they sound. We scare someone and they literally knock themselves off of their feet and fall to the ground. Getting "code yellows" and "code browns" are something else we strive for, and I'm sure you can guess what those are.

Amanda: Do you ever feel bad for being too scary?

Ashley: I think every screamster has at least one moment where they felt bad about scaring someone. In my area of the Slaughterhouse, I hide behind a wall and "pop scare" as people turn the corner. Sadly I have had a small child come through that were nothing but terrified and screaming in fear. Normally if I see that I will leave them alone, but being behind that wall you can't really tell who is coming. I accidentally scared that child and felt pretty bad after. The boo necklaces that are sold at the park do not work in the houses and if you come in the house with or without one prepare to be scared, no matter your ability or age. Everyone is fair game, it just depends on the screamster as to who their targets are. I like to go for the teenage girls that are huddled together, the people that are acceptingly/playfully terrified, and the people I know I can get a good reaction out of (loud people, usually are the ones that make it hard to keep my composure. Those are the ones that make me glad I have a wall to hide behind where I can get my laugh out and get back in character before anyone sees me.) I also like when someone sees me and they point out that they see me. I usually respond with something like "I see you too" and then go into my signature glare and slowly walk toward them, following them until they leave my room. They freak out. It's so much fun. Lol.

Amanda: Is there one scare in particular that you are especially proud of or an interesting story about a persons response?

Ashley: One scare I am especially proud of occurred when we had a large group of yellow jackets (higher ups that literally wear yellow jackets) came through the house. I was the victim of the saw at this time. Acted my way through until the saw stopped and I "died". As I go limp and stare at the ceiling, one of the higher ups put a "kill bill" in my dead hand. Kill bills are things higher ups give out to screamsters who scare them or just do a good scare in general when they are around. Kill bills are used to buy things. I've gotten 2 this season, my first year. An interesting story about a person's response: This one happened when I was working in the diner. Another screamster was the distraction, and I was the scarer. A group of about 5 or 6 teenagers came through, and the boys were acting tough and macho. Once they had passed where I was standing, I did my thing and scared them, only to have one of the macho teenage boys literally jump 5 feet in the air and hop like a kangaroo, while screaming an ear-piercingly high pitched scream. I didn't know any human being could make that noise. Being in the diner, there isn't a wall to hide behind, and people can see you at every angle. I'm not proud of it, but I lost it at that moment, and guests were amused that I was amused and started laughing with me. Thankfully I was able to recover quickly and wait until a fresh bunch of people came through to reset and get back into character. I'll never forget that one.

Note: A HUUUUUUGGGGEEE thank you to my step sister, Ashley, for doing this interview. I chose to include a pic without makeup so you can see just how incredible the makeup is at Halloweekends for their Screamsters. Without the makeup, she looks like her next role could be as Ariel!! Thanks again Ashley!!