Forget The Lemonade Stand, Two 11 Year Olds Start Unique Business!

Local Kids Start Unique Business To Raise Funds for Back to School

August 27, 2018
Gold Nugget Basket

Two local Madison boys spend a lot of time with their Grandmas helping them in their candy store. Then, the business bug bit them!

It started as a normal Wednesday afternoon for me and my kids. Stopping at the Goodwill to look for treasures. A quick bite to eat. Then we decided to stop into The Red Berry Candy Store. We had never been, and it's a store full of candy. Obviously we had to make the stop.

We started by exploring all of the fun photo ops before even entering the building.

When we went inside, we were delighted by the candy options and I even caught myself singing the "Candy Man" song from Willy Wonka. But while walking around and trying desperatley to adhere to my own "Just One Thing" rule, I discoverd something pretty awesome.

And it's not something you can eat. I noticed, under one of the tables, a basket full of painted gold and silver rocks and a note that read " Micah's Gold Nugget Business". 

Gold Nugget Basket

Not only was it adorable, but to me it seemed super smart and original.

I had to ask about the smart little people that were behind such an awesome idea. It turns out that the tiny geniuses behind this brilliant venture are the two 11 year old grandsons of shop owner, Candy, and her sister in law, Sue!

Micah Nichols, 11, and Logan Reinke, also 11, hatched the plan to put the spray painted rocks and sticks in the candy store. Prices range from 50 cents to $2. Who can beat that price?? Logan's grandma, Sue, says this is "their version of a Lemonade stand."

And people were clearly "thirsty" because the boys each brought in around 15 bucks each which Grandma Sue said they spent on back to school supplies and gear.

Now I am left here looking at MY 12 year old saying "When are you going to get a job?" 

Rocks and sticks are still for sale, and you might as well get some candy to go along with it while you're there. Way to go boys!!