Must Love Dog: He's Ready To Date

Months After His Wife's Passing, Dog Is Looking For Love

January 8, 2020
Duane Chapman, Dog the Bounty Hunter, Beth Chapman

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6 months after the death of Beth Chapman, Dog The Bounty Hunter says he's ready to find love again. In a new interview with Radar Online, Dog reveals that he is ready to start dating. Recently, his daughter, Baby Lyssa, accused him of not only having a girlfriend, but dating Beth's longtime assistant. See the tweet below:

Although Dog, aka Duane Chapman, stands by his claim that this assistant is just a friend, he does say that he is "very lonely" and feels like meeting someone will help him to move on with his life. He said "I have to find a way to move on. I’m so lonely right now. I’m just really lonely.”

Duane says in the interview that he will probably never get married again but that he will "have a girlfriend by his side."

I can't imagine the pain of losing Beth, but I do hope Dog finds love again.

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