No Shave November Is Here: What It's Really All About

What is 'No Shave November' really for?

November 4, 2019

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No Shave November is a great excuse for many men to give up on grooming for an entire month. But, how did this start and what is it really all about??

According to

No-Shave November is a month-long journey during which participants forgo shaving and grooming in order to evoke conversation and raise cancer awareness.

If you think about it, this whole thing makes a lot of sense. Many cancer patients undergo chemotherapy. A common side effect of this is to lose your hair. So what better way to start a conversation about cancer awareness than to look like you've completely given up on your appearance by growing your hair and beard out?

Here's how the rules of No Shave November work, according to

The rules of No-Shave November are simple: put down your razor for 30 days and donate your monthly hair-maintenance expenses to the cause. Strict dress-code at work? Don't worry about it! We encourage participation of any kind; grooming and trimming are perfectly acceptable.

Need help deciding where to donate to? You can go directly to and enter there. They have several foundations to choose from.

And whether you can grow a big beard, a straggly goatee or just a forest of leg hair, we encourage it all when it's for such a good cause.