Avengers Director speaks out about leaked footage

"Stay off the internet!"

April 17, 2019

© PA Images/Sipa USA


Endgame is almost in theaters. But an internet leak of footage has the director urging people to avoid the web for spoilers!

Personally, in a situation like this, I generally speculate that leaks are done purposely to create buzz. But Avengers: Endgame needs no help with that.

Here's what we know.

At some point during a screening, someone, possibly a reporter, recorded footage of the screen. The clip is being called "spoiler heavy". 

Why is it so important not to spoil this movie for yourself? This movie is the culmination of over a decade of movies and a story intertwining in a way that has never been done before on the big screen.

After following the marvels movies for years, this movie is the cherry on top. It's the reward for going through the journey with them. It is a masterpiece and you, as a fan, deserve to have the experience that was intended for you in this masterfully created, epic movie experience.

Here's what the directors said on Twitter:

Well there you have it! #dontspoiltheendgame.