Something New At The Ohio BMV

Amanda visits the BMV, learns some new stuff and has a complaint!

August 14, 2019

© Jon Stinchcomb/News Herald


So, I bought a car recently and had to go get my plates. Its been a while since I bought a car cash so there was a bit of a surprise when they handed me my plates.

There is a new sticker!

Do you see it????? Well there used to be a sticker for your rear plate that went here:

Now, instead of our county number, we get a big sticker that says the name of your county and it goes straight across the bottom like this:

I was laughing as my husband was trying to figure out what goes where.

I was able to find this diagram on the Ohio BMV Website here, however it did not come with my plates and stickers.

I also learned that you cannot put increments of height on your ID.

This lady was called to the counter and the clerk had to inform her "ma'am, there are no half inches on ID's so you can't put 5'7" and a half." I felt her pain, but, you're above average height. Save the half inches for those of us 5'4" and below.

And finally, a complaint. Because you can't go to the BMV without having at least one complaint.

They put up these awesome trivia questions to keep you occupied while waiting. I watched the same four questions pop up multiple times and never, not once, did they put the answers.

So I reached for my phone to look them up except, cell phones are not allowed inside the BMV! I need the answers!

All in all, not a bad trip

So to recap, the new county sticker goes in the middle on the front and back plate.

You can't add half an inch on your ID to your height. And don't get sucked into the never answered trivia question trap!