Time To Kill: At Home Activities For When You've Got Time!

I've Got Time Today! A List Of Overlooked Tasks

March 23, 2020

We are now officially directed to stay home. So what on earth are you going to do with all of that free time? Here's a list of stuff you don't ever want to do but probably should, because, well, you have the time!

1) Pair your socks!
Think about it. When is the last time you paired your socks? How many are missing their mate? Take that time. Dump those socks out and start trying to make a match. When you get to the end, you will be more organized and you can toss the mis-matched pairs. Or, for fun, pin the solo socks to the wall like a missing persons message board! Doubles as apocoliptic home decor!

2) Clean out your junk drawer!
We all have that one drawer, at least one drawer, that is full of random things. Hair bands, pens, receipts, change, random screws, you know, junk! So go sort that drawer. You never know what you might find!

3) Go through the photos on your phone!
Just at a quick glance, I can see that I have 2,283 photos in my camera roll. I can guarantee that I don't need all of those. So let's delete and make use of what's on there! Create photo folders to organize them. Maybe even make a folder of pics to actually print and physically display.

4) Organize your closet!
This is something I do all of the time but, I also happen to have OCD. So take a page from my book or organization. For me, being organized equals sanity. Sort through your clothes. Try every single things on. If it doesn't fit great, set it aside. The stuff you love, put them back away in an order that makes sense for you. For me, I like to do skirts, dress pants and dresses first. Then tanks, short sleeve, long sleeve after that. I also separate out coast, jackets, and hoodies. Don't stop with clothes either. Organize your shoes too! Mine are separated into boots, sneakers, heels and summer shoes.

5) Alphabetize your movie collection!
In a time where streaming has taken over, you may be surprised at the movie collection you have amassed! So sort it out! Take all of your DVD's out. Make sure they are in their correct cases. Then put them back in alphetbetical order! After that you can play blockbuster with the kids! It's organization and a history lesson all in one!