Urban Meyer Retires Undefeated!!

Urban Meyer retires leaving glorious 7-0 record against Michigan

December 4, 2018

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Urban Meyer is retiring as Head Coach of Ohio State's football team. After a season full of drama and health issues, Urban is stepping down as head coach. Personally I think it's sad to see him go but what a legacy he is leaving behind.

As the rivalry between Ohio State and that team up North is something that you are born with in the great state of OH-IO, we must celebrate the fact that we have had 7 solid years of bragging rights!

Seriously though. I wish him all the best in retirement.

But the thought of Urban tetiring got me thinking. What does a former Ohio State Football coach do in retirement? Here's just a few ideas.

How about fashion model Urban?

Or Crossing Guard Urban?

Or how about Walmart Door Greeter Urban?


Whatever he does, I am sure he will be a champ. Oh yeah, last but not least, Browns Coach Urban?