What Is Wrong With Tristan Thompson??

Tristan, again, going for a hot dog when he has caviar

January 3, 2019

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What is your problem, Tristan? Why? Just why? You have everything and you just don't want it!!!

I can't understand how in today's society, the ultimate goal for men is to bag a Kardashian. Yet this nobody, Tristan Thompson, not only lands a Kardashian but she actually wants him permanantly. And like any child that begs and begs mom and dad for a toy, he lost interest as soon as he got it.

When the news broke that Tristan was caught cheating, just days before the birth of his daughter, I was heart broken for Khloe. I didn't understand why she gave him another chance. I didn't understand why she tried to continue the relationship when time and time again, he's spotted out with other women. I already felt like he didn't deserve her! 

So they were out celebrating the New Year and this video has surfaced of Khloe twerking it up for her man and when the camera pans up, you see that he didn't even notice her because he was busy talking to some other girl. Check out the evidence below:

Khloe wants to twerk but her man is not interested ----

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I mean, come on! She's all decked out, looking gorgeous, and he would rather talk to, what? A waitress?? GTFOH!!!!!!

I am so mad about this!

And Khloe, girl, there are millions of men out there that will literally worship the ground you walk on. Get yourself one of those!! I can't take it.