When Tiny Kids Do Big Things!

71 pound 7th grader wrestles for the first time

December 6, 2018

Let me start out by saying that I am NOT an overprotective, helicopter mom. But when your son is only 71 pounds in the 7th grade, you tend to worry when they announce they want to try wrestling. My son, Jack, has always been small.

As a fifth grader, he was probably the smallest in his school, even when compared to the Kindergardeners. He has played soccer for several years so he is no stranger to organized sports. But wrestling?

To go from playing a sport where you get in trouble for touching people, to a sport where that's all you do? I was definitely nervous.

We went to the informational night at the High School, sat through the OHSAA rules and everything else before being broken off into groups by sport. Geneva is great and anyone can go out for the wrestling program in middle school.

So Jack saying he was going to try wrestling, meant that he was going to try wrestling. Noone is turned away, not even his tiny little self. The coach was so super cool and Jack seemed pretty hyped to get started. He was already looking at wrestling shoes by the time we got back out to the car.

So after a few weeks of practice and him having to learn all the rules and ways of a sport he had never played, we were ready for our first meet. Three teams came out and the wait began.

At 71 pounds, we were not even sure Jack would have a match. After more than two hours of watching match after match, Jack excitedly gestured to us from the far side of the gym. "I have a match!" He had the biggest smile on his face. "I'm next!!" 

That little man looked so adorable in his singlet. Just the tinest little kid. The kid he was matched against was close to Jack's size but not quite so teeny. I won't lie. I was worried. I tried to think about how hard he struggles to get away from me when he's in trouble.

I thought about how he takes on his 14 and 16 year old sisters all the time. "He will be fine" I told myself. They called him up and already, everyone was screaming for him. His team, most of which were towering a foot or more over him, screamed and cheered for him as he walked up.

The whistle blew and Jack attacked without a moments hesitation! I was proud that he jumped right in like that. But, watching your kids wrestle kind of feels weird. Like, they are fighting, which you always tell them not to do, and you are cheering them on. It brings out the most primal instinct in us. Like, "Yeah Jack! Get him! Kick his... oh wait." They went back and forth.

Towards the end, the other kid had Jack down on the ground. He was on top of him. We though it was over, and then, wiley little Jack broke loose. He got him down and Jack broke loose again and again. Finally the other kid was tired and that's when Jack sprung into action. He had the kid down. It was just a matter of using that tiny little 71 pounds to pin.

We were all screaming! "Come on Jack! You can do it! Go!!"  The kid struggled so hard to stay up but in the end, Jack got him pinned and got the win!

The gym erupted in cheers and screams and at the moment, I saw the best smile I have ever seen on my kids face. He was absolutely glowing with pride.

And my face must have mirrored his, until I felt the warmth of my tears running down my cheeks. So proud. My boy!

Check him out in action here:

It really looked like he had him, but @jack.ppplant came out victorious!

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