Winona Ryder


Are Winona Ryder and Keanu Reeves Married?

Winona believes her wedding with Keanu in Dracula may have been real!

August 20, 2018

How real is a wedding that was filmed for a movie scene? According to Winona Ryder, very real!!

While out promoting their new film, "Destination Wedding", Winona shared that she believes that her and Keanu have been married for over a decade thanks to the 1992 movie "Dracula."

In a scene in that movie, Keanu and Winona do actually have a wedding.

But why do they believe it to be binding? No, there were no marriage licenses. However, for the authenticity of the film, Director Francis Ford Coppola decided to have the ceremony scene done in a Greek Orthodox Church by an actual Priest.

They also had the real ceremony performed! Take a look for yourself below:

When they asked Keanu what he thought of it, he said "Whoa". Okay, not really. 

Keanu Reeves
© Anthony Behar

Married or not, you can check these two out in their upcoming film "Destination Wedding."

Check out the trailer below: