Woman Accidentally Gets Chris Hemsworth's Private Photos!

Mix up at Photo Lab, girl gets pics from Liam and Miley Wedding

February 15, 2019


For Elvira Nordstom, it was just another day.

You see, she had recently dropped her photos off to be developed at a photo place in Byron, Australia.

When she got the pictures back, much to her surprise, they were not hers. She noticed the pics were from a wedding.

And before she knew it, she realized the photos belonged to Chris Hemsworth!

The photos were pics from Miley and Liam's secret wedding!

So what did Elvira do?

Well, first she freaked out on Instagram, documenting the experience.

However, she did not share the pics. She did not sell the pics.

She actually used Instagram to communicate with Chris Hemsworth in order to get his pictures back to him. 

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Well Elvira said that she just couldn't deal with having "Hurting Chris Hemsworth" on her conscience. I concur Elvira. I concur.

Check out her Instagram documentation of the ordeal here.