Woman Kisses Supernatural Star, Fans Are Not Happy

A fan kissed Jensen Ackles and his fans are going crazy!

January 16, 2019

© Anthony Behar

Its not uncommon to have a crazy fan try to sneak in some physical affection during a meet and greet.

But what happens when you meet your fav celeb at a bar? That is exactly what happened for this young lady when she came across super hot Supernatural actor Jensen Ackles. 

Jensen stopped into a Vancouver bar with costar, Jared Padalecki. While taking photos with Jensen, the girl had him try on her glasses, do some posing, but eventually snuck in a kiss on the actors cheek!

Check out the video for yourself below:

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While many fans are pissed, saying the girl overstepped her bounds, and exclaming how Jensen looked so uncomfortable, I think he looks like he's quite enjoying himself!

The actor even went to the girls IG page and liked the post! Jared, 40, is married with three children.

Do you think the girl overstepped her bounds or do you think Jensen should have shut it down?