No deodorant, ripped my pants, #worstdayever

Amanda's having a bad day, but so are these people!

September 20, 2018

So I got to work and noticed my brand new jeans had a huge rip in the you know what area.

Then I realized I forgot to put on deodorant!! Truly feeling like the #worstdayever!

I decided to give myself some perspective.To Twitter we go!

1) When you get all the way home with your food and realize it's not right!

2) When you see something you didn't want to!

3) When they forget those important days.

4) When you order pizza and it gets smushed! (Click translate for this one, although there really is no need to translate the language of pizza)

5) When Red Panda's unicycle gets stolen!!

6) When even your kids make fun of you for not getting any!

7) When Instagram is down.

8) When you just want to drink your drink!!

9) When you had tickets for last night's show.

10) When your mom lets you down.