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Get To Know Baker Mayfield Before He Takes The Field At Training Camp

July 23, 2018

Back in late April, the Cleveland Browns selected quarterback Baker Mayfield as the number one overall pick in the NFL Draft. Football fans -- and ladies alike -- went absolutely crazy since with that pick came ample amounts of hope for the team.

Since Browns Training Camp begins this Thursday, we thought we'd give you some insight on the new teammate you'll soon be rooting for at FirstEnergy Stadium.

He’s absolutely smitten. The Browns’ newest hottie may have arms made of steel but he’s also got a heart of gold. He recently got engaged to Instagram model Emily Wilkinson and the things they post about each other will make you feel all warm inside. Or nauseous, whatever your stance on social PDA is. 

Can’t wait to do life with the most perfect girl. Emily Wilkinson, I love you.

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New adventures and loving life. I will have more pictures once I get the approval from my boss @ewilkinson

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Bandana Vibes.

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He’s got moves outside of the stadium. That’s right, dude can dance. There certainly is something special about a man who can throw the pigskin in tight pants, but there’s something even better about one with rhythm.



His life changed when he met a young girl named Mackenzie. On a more serious note, Mayfield had his life change the second he met Mackenzie Asher. Asher, a young fan of his college football team, was fighting an awful form of leukemia. As part of her care, she was able to spend time with one of her favorite athletes and her bravery, courage and positivity inspired him to no end. The words I type in no way can give Asher the credit she deserves, nor will it show you the impact she made on Mayfield. Check out the video below for the whole story.