'Coldplay: A Head Full Of Dreams' Will Make You Remember Why You Love Music

The documentary about Coldplay's incredible journey will make you believe in anything

November 16, 2018
Coldplay: A Head Full Of Dreams

Trafalgar Releasing


A Head Full of Dreams, a documentary about the rise of Coldplay is as magical as it is informative. One of the world’s biggest bands share their story, in their own words, for the first time.

What makes this doc unique is that director Mat Whitecross has been following Coldplay for more than just the band's twenty years together. Since the band formed at University College of London in the late 90s, Whitecross has been there with a camera in his hand.

While the title A Head Full of Dreams is also the name of the band's most recent tour and album, the film showcases live performances and backstage footage from the momentous global stadium tour, alongside unprecedented and unseen archive material.

This is footage that was captured over twenty years and is truly incredible.

Coldplay: A Head Full Of Dreams
Trafalgar Releasing

A Head Full of Dreams juxtaposes spectacular performances of iconic tracks like Fix You and Viva La Vida with intimate, behind-the-scenes moments that reveal the depth of the band’s friendship and brotherhood.

There are real, raw moments from the studio and the homes of Chris Martin, Jonny Buckland, Guy Berryman, and Will Champion (Coldplay) that put dimensions to these on-stage personas.

Martin, especially, is shown in a brilliant light. Seen from the outside as the band's front man, the dynamic within the band could not be more different. Sure, Martin writes most of the music, but the band is a true democracy.

Along with best friend and one-time manager Phil Harvey, Coldplay's '5-piece democracy' is an envious bond captured on the screen and told beautifully by Whitecross.

From the band's first performances as a band called 'Starfish,' to early tracks like Bigger Stronger and Ode To Deodorant, which is really the name of an early Coldplay demo, the way the band's story builds is also quite inspiring.

Seeing the all the work Coldplay put in to each gig, each album, and each decision throughout their career as a band is eye-opening. A Head Full of Dreams makes you appreciate the songs you hear even more.

Yellow never made the band too big, or humbled them. Chris Martin always pushed the band to evolve with each album, and with each tour. Even going through hard times with the making of 'X & Y,' Coldplay wouldn't be the same without it.

Intimate moments behind the scenes lead to booming and spectacular live performances of grandeur in A Head Full of Dreams, showcasing the brilliance of Coldplay. Every moment means something to Chris, Jonny, Guy, and Will, which makes you as a viewer believe it too.

You can see where Coldplay's dreams originated as youngsters in London in this doc, and witnessing their growth to achieve them is truly remarkable. Whether you love their music, or only like a few songs, A Head Full of Dreams will undoubtedly capture your imagination of what you think is possible, and make you appreciate the journey of one of the world's biggest bands.

A special shoutout to Chris Martin's ability as a word smith, outside of his lyrics, to perfectly capture the identity of the band. “If you don’t like it, that’s okay, but I’m having fun, you know what I mean?”

Some music fans think Coldplay is an insufferable band, but this documentary should have the ability to change some minds.

A Head Full of Dreams is now available, streaming exclusively on Amazon Prime.

Ben at The Box Office Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Buckets of Popcorn