Here Are The Top Emojis People Are Using About COVID-19

The Coronavirus has some emoji's that people are utilizing

March 12, 2020
Cute emoticon wearing medical mask - emoji - vector illustration

Emojipedia looked at 50,000 tweets that included at least one of 12 emojis people use when they're sick. Then they ranked them to find the top emojis we associate with the coronavirus.

They're not the most common emojis being used. That's still the crying-laughing emoji, because it's always the most-popular.

These are the ones most strongly linked to the coronavirus. Meaning, if you're using them right now, that's probably what you're talking about. Here are the top five:

  1. The green "microbe" emoji that looks like a germ. 42% of people who used it were talking about the coronavirus.
  2. The yellow face emoji that's wearing a medical mask, 36%.
  3. The "nauseous" emoji that's all-green and looks like it's about to puke, 5%.
  4. The sneezing emoji, 5%.
  5. The bar of soap emoji, 4%.

Here's the top ten, in emoji form.

  • -- Face with Medical Mask
  • -- Nauseated Face
  • -- Face Vomiting
  • -- Sneezing Face
  • -- Face with Thermometer
  • -- Face with Head-Bandage
  • -- Ambulance
  • -- Pill
  • -- Syringe
  • -- Microbe
  • -- Soap
  • -- Sponge

 A few more that are strongly associated with the virus right now are the ambulance emoji ... the bandaged head emoji ... and the blood-filled syringe emoji.