Q104 Presents The 'Could Have Been' Concert Series

We'll play back a playlist of songs from the artists you should have seen this summer

July 1, 2020
Could Have been concert series Cleveland

We all know how the pandemic has distrupted the All Access Summer at Q104.

That’s why we’ve created the Q104 Could Have Been Concert Series.

When a concert should have happened, Q104 will make it happen.

For example, when Maroon 5 was supposed to be at Blossom on Thursday night, Kelly played back an hour of Maroon 5 hits in place of their concert.

We'll keep doing it all summer long with these shows, and we'll make some additions and subtractions along the way:

  • July 3: Barenaked Ladies with Gin Blossoms and Toad the Wet Sprocket
  • July 3: Def Leppard/Motley Crue @ First Energy
  • July 14: Hall and Oates (Blossom)
  • July 15: Harry Styles at Rocket Mortgage
  • July 21: Rod Stewart (Blossom)
  • July 23: Alanis Morissette (Blossom)
  • July 28: Janet Jackson (Rocket Mortgage)
  • July 28: Backstreet Boys (Blossom)
  • July 30 : Maren Morris (Jacobs)
  • July 31: Niall Horan (Blossom)
  • August 4: Nickelback (Blossom)
  • August 6: Chris Stapleton with Elle King and Kendell Marvel (Blossom)​
  • August 12: Goo goo Dolls with LIfehouse(Jacobs)
  • August 14: Justin Bieber 
  • August 18: Black Crows (Blossom)
  • August 20: Sam Hunt (Blossom)
  • August 21: Daughtry (MGM)
  • August 21: Alicia Keys (Jacobs)
  • August 25: Matchbox Twenty (Blossom)
  • August 26: Incubus with 311 (Blossom)
  • August 28 The Weeknd

Text your favorite artist hits for an upcoming concert to 578-0104, and we’ll play them on the 'Could Have Been' concert series right here on Q104!