Incredible Deals On Black Friday When You Don't Wanna Shop

There's plenty of other things to do!

November 20, 2018

So, not everyone likes to shop on Black Friday. That day is better served doing things that don't involve shopping.

Lots of businesses know you are shopping and have incredible deals to lure you away from the stores. Here are a few we have found!

Sandusky Waterparks: Going on Black Friday is the one time of the year (besides taking the kids outta school during the week), that some families can afford it. They also throw in a $100 arcade gift card, as well, if you go on Black Friday.

Hotels and Motels: The closer we get to Thanksgiving and Christmas, the more expensive accomodations become. But, stay the day after on each holiday, and the cost goes dramatically down,.  

Airline tickets: Sure, the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and the Sunday afterwards have insane prices, but flying on Thanksgiving can be cheaper as well as less crowded!