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Get Away From The Cold And Travel For Less This Winter

Aren't the Cleveland winters the worst? Now's your chance to go on vacation

January 23, 2019

Have you had enough of the cold, wet, snowey and sunshineless weather?

Maybe a vacation is what you need. You say a vacation is not in the budget. Guess what?

A vacation can be cheaper than you think. The off-season means cheaper flights and more hotel availability!

Some suggestions from the Huggington Post offer affordable destinations this winter if you're balling on a budget.

1. Bahamas

Forget what happened at Fyre Fest and all the pandemonium from the recent documentaries, the Bahamas are gorgeous. Who wouldn't want to swim in the clear blue ocean water and sit out in the heat for a long weekend?

From the east coast, flights start at $250 round-trip, and hotels and all-inclusive resorts could be as little as $100-$200 per night. All-inclusive resorts also offer food, drinks and activities, making it a perfect option for budget-savvy travelers.

2. Taos, New Mexico

Why not stay in the U.S. and get some heat, while also exploring some amazing geography? Taos may be in the desert, but is also super close to gorgeous mountain ranges if you want to hike and do some fun outdoors-type activities.

From the east or west coasts, flights are around $225 round-trip, and while hotels and condos are a little pricier at the ski resorts ... there are plenty of options to find a rate that will fit in your budget.

3. Quebec City

Yes, we know it is still cold in Canada. But Quebec City is basically like going to Europe because the city is so beautiful and rich with history.

It’s an easy trip from the east coast, and round-trip flights average $200. Because it’s a city, hotels can be pricey ... you can still get a great deal and have a luxury experience for around $100 a night.

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