How To Complete Dry January In Cleveland

January 8, 2019

There's no doubt that taking part in 'Dry January' can be good for your health. There is also no doubt that committing to a full 31 days of sobriety is a difficult task, especially in Cleveland. We're surrounded by such fantastic breweries, restaurants and bars to the point that almost any social night out has a tempting element. Thank goodness this takes place in January and not the summer. Indians game without a beer in hand? No thank you.

We're here to encourage you to do your best and complete the challenge because, let's be real, it will be totally worth it.

Some perks of Dry January:

  1. You'll save money, what other reasons do you need? Between the stacks of credit card bills coming in the mail after the holiday shopping sprees and all the dough you probably spent on entertainment over the month of December, it adds up. By cutting out spending money on alcohol, you will notice you're way less stressed about those bills. Think about it... Let's say you buy 3 bottles of $10 wine per week at minimum. Just that alone will be $150 in January and that doesn't include bar tabs and other instances where you'd be purchasing alcohol. And, speaking from experience, there will be a lot of other instances.
  2. No hangovers! So this month sucks. Christmas is over, work is dragging, winter is here and summer is so far away. Imagine adding hangovers to that equation. Yikes! If you're already going to feel miserable during the first month of the year, why not help it as much as possible?
  3. You might (probably will) lose weight. I avoid looking at the calorie counts on my beverages but I've heard it's a lot. If your 2019 goal has something to do with health and weight loss, this is a great way to kick-start your new approach. Less calories, less midnight savage trips to the fridge, less greasy hangover food the next day.
  4. Your ~love~ life will improve. Bow-chicka-wow-wow. Read how here (NSFW).
  5. Your tolerance will drop. Now, next time you choose to drink, you may feel your desired effect much quicker, saving you money, calories and perhaps even a hangover.

So now that you're convinced this is the best decision you'll ever make, here are the ways you can have sober fun in Cleveland.

  1. Be the designated driver. You can still visit all of those breweries, restaurants and bars, just opt for water or a mocktail. Not only will your tab be extremely lower than those of others, but your friends will be thanking you for saving them time and money on Ubers and Lyfts.
  2. Visit a spa. Since you're basically detoxing the inside of your body by avoiding alcohol, you might as well treat your outside just the same. Plus, that $150 you're saving this month can be used to reward yourself with a massage. Here's our favorite spa.
  3. Attend a concert or live show. There are quite a few heading to Cleveland in the early year and, while you may be used to pre-gaming and enjoying booze during the show, it might be fun to try it sober. You won't be singing obnoxiously loud (well, you might but not as embarrassing as the drunk version) AND you'll remember the show. You'lll also have some extra money for band merch if you're into that type of thing.
  4. Exercise. Cleveland/NEO is home to so many unique gyms, classes, teachers, etc. that you will have no problem finding something you love. And hey, we have been getting some 50 degree weather days so maybe it'd be nice to go for a stroll outside in the Metroparks to enjoy it (while it lasts).
  5. Do something different. Instead of spending a girls night out racking up a $50 bar tab, take a crafty class or do some DIY projects. Places like Blossom Cleveland, the Cleveland Candle Company and Ohio City Glass are great places to start.