WATCH: Jack Quizzes AJR on The Office Trivia ... Again

Its a LaureLive re-dux! Will the results be the same?

July 24, 2019

Back in June at LaureLive, Jack quizzed AJR on The Office, and Adam, Jack, and Ryan aced it. Heck, they wrote a song about the show, so we expected nothing less.

But Jack, who also loves The Office, wanted revenge. So he got some tougher trivia questions ready for when AJR stopped by The Shoppes at Parma on Wednesday morning.

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So just like when Jack together with AJR back in June, he quizzed them again ... and the results? Very similar.

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Clearly, Jack was upset that he got stumped and AJR got all his questions correct! Watch the video above.

Jack walks away from AJR