Chromeo's SEO Problem

Why are other bands stomping on Chromeo's shine?

May 2, 2019

You never forget your first time ... seeing Chromeo, that is. For me, it was 2009 at Rothbury Music Festival. Let me start by saying, it was the greatest weekend ever. So many amazing bands at one fest: The Dead, Bob Dylan, Brett Dennen -- basically all of my favorites.

My entire wish list showed up in 2009 (before they messed up and turned it into Electric Forest, but that's for another time...). Of all these epic shows, the highlight of the weekend was Chromeo, the electro-funk duo had us grooving in ways even the DJs like Pretty Lights and Girl Talk couldn't match. Bonafide Lovin' will forever hold a special place in my heart. When you get a chance to see them, you must seize the opportunity.

This brings us to my lede in the article, Chromeo has a major SEO problem and it's all other artists' fault! Without these other acts holding them back, Chromeo could be a household name by now (so says this mouth breather)!

What am I talking about? Take their recent hit "Juice." Probably the song of 2018, in my opinion. It has Chromeo's signature funk with a catchy hook. Then, a couple months after Juice drops, Lizzo decides to drop her hit ... titled "Juice." Now, Lizzo's Juice is being hailed as the song of the summer and is getting all the attention, thus pushing Chromeo's Juice down in your Google and YouTube searches! It's not fair! Their Juice deserves to be THE Juice!

To make things worse, this isn't the first time this has happened to Chromeo! Back in 2014, the Funk Lordz dropped Jealous. An amazing hit that quickly was featured on commercials and pop culture.

Jealous was huge and could have been even bigger had Nick Jonas not decided to drop hit hit, Jealous, like the next month!! Which became even more popular and was like his first hit as a solo artist. How is Chromeo supposed to compete with that?!

How do we defeat this SEO (search engine optimization) problem facing Chromeo? I suppose my suggestion would be they start naming their songs something ridiculous so no other artist releases a song by the same name the next day.