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February 10, 2020

The Oscar's were last night, so let's celebrate songs in movies. When you think of great songs from movies you likely think of My Heart Will Go On, but there are several other gems that often go undiscussed. An all-time great movie soundtrack that gets snubbed, believe it or not, is 50 Cent's Get Rich Or Die Tryin' soundtrack from that movie he made. That album and movie had bangers! Best Friend, Hustler's Ambition, and more made that an instant classic.

For me, however, one movie soundtrack stands above the rest--Wedding Crashers. Yes, that Wedding Crashers. The soundtrack is amazing! Songs from Coldplay, Mungo Jerry, Guster, and The Flaming Lips. So, today, my song of the day, my Jack Jam, is Sparks by Coldplay. It's the song that plays in the movie when Owen Wilson keeps debating about going into Rachel McAdams's room...oh the feels. This song finds a way to impact your soul. Also, a great winter song. I'm a believer that some songs are better during certain seasons, and this is one of them.