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Jack Jams: March 24th

Here's what Jack is jamming to today

March 24, 2020

Music has been a blessing during this isolation period. I've discovered great new music, and re-discovered songs I used to play all the time that I've forgotten about.

How dare I forget how much I love Guster? I saw them live in Ann Arbor a few years ago and they were a blast.

I think we'd get along.

You should jam their entire catalogue, but especially my favorite -- Demons.

I love the use of the bongos. Not enough jams utilize the bongos these days. There are also some killer lines and word play in the song, "Honest is easy, fiction's where genius lies." Love that line!

Does genius reside there or is 'lies' being used to juxtapose fiction? Genius.

Here it is, enjoy!