Jack Adopted A Dog -- And He's So Cute!

Just look at that face!

July 31, 2018

All of my life I've wanted an English Bulldog. They're funny, they're chill, goofy, excitable, loyal, and have the cutest face. Well, kids, dreams come true. 

This week, M'Lady and I adopted an adorable little buddy. He's so funny!! I can't get enough. The wrinkles, the breathing, he's just perfect. A real showstopper, too. We can't walk down the street without stopping traffic or having someone come up to him wanting to play.

Only problem? We still haven't landed on a name!

He came to us from the rescue as Ox aka Oxton, which we don't mind. But want something more personal. Something that relates to our interests, or to him personally.

We're considering names like: Farley, Rogen, Dudley, Gimli, Meatball and the list goes on. If you have an idea, please tweet me @OnAirJACK.

Take a look at our new best friend below!