Jack's Guy Fieri Impression

Jack likes to take on Food Challenges

August 7, 2018

Working in morning radio, I feel like I have one of the best jobs in the world! However, there are other amazing jobs out there. One that I've always been interested in is talent on the Food Network or the Travel Channel. That's like my dream job! If I could travel the world and eat all of it's delicious foods, I'd be one happy boy. Well, that isn't my job so I turned it into a hobby.

For fun, I like to participate in food challenges. I've attempted all sorts, hot wings, massive burgers, wraps, and more. But one of my favorites was the time I actually dressed up as Guy Fieri and attempted the Mt. Nacheesmo Challenge at Tio's Mexican Cafe in Ann Arbor.

Check out my impression below and let me know what you think: @onairJACK. If you know of any challenges here in the Greater Cleveland please let me know!!