Nurses' Appreciation Week: Nurse Shark

Honoring all Nurses this week!

May 9, 2019

All week long we've been celebrating Nurses with Nurses Night Out, and tonight we'll be honoring them at 3 Bar Louie locations across Northeast Ohio!

But for now, I want to shout out the nurses who often go forgotten , even on Nurses' Appreciation Week ... the Nurse Shark!

Let's meet the Nurse Shark!

  • The Nurse Shark is a nocturnal predator and hunts alone
  • They feed on fish, stingrays (ouch!), mollusks, and more unique sea critters; but, they'll also consume algae and coral, as well!
  • The Nurse Shark is one of the few species of sharks that can remain motionless in the water when it wants to
  • The Nurse Shark has no real predator--but there have been reports of Bull sharks and Great Whites feeding on Nurse sharks.
  • Nurse Sharks are at night
  • They are known as the "couch potato of the shark world"
  • Adults can be over 10 feet long
  • They are *not* certified Nurses