Top 10: Episodes of The Office

May 24, 2018

The Office is very important to me. Honestly, I feel closer to Michael Scott and Jim than I do to some of my own, real life, friends.

When I finish the show on Netflix, I immediately start it over again. I can't help it.

I'd love to watch a new show, but always end up picking The Office again. Having just wrapped up my 250th time watching the series, I decided to jot down my favorite episodes and share them here.

Note: I'm about to restart the series again, so these are subject to change.

10. Back From Vacation
The Office knows how to make you cringe. It's one of the things the writers and actors do best. Few moments are more cringe worthy than when Michael accidentally sends the entire company pictures from his vacation with Jan ... or was it Urglegru?

9. Booze Cruise
I like this one because of the drama. Yes, it's filled with laughs (Michael's feud with Captain Jack) but I like how you really see Jim's frustration trying to reach Pam come to a boiling point. He dumps his date on the boat and then has to watch Roy set a wedding date with Pam. It's a nice insight into how strongly Jim feels for Pam and how he can't keep it inside much longer.

8. Drug Testing
Dwight at his finest. His accusations make this episode. I love seeing how serious he takes his role as Volunteer officer. Great insight into Dwight's character and how far he'd go for Michael.

7. Whistleblower
It was Andy ... no ... Kelly ... no ... Pam. Turns out everyone at Dunder Mifflin was the whistleblower. Just part of what makes this episode great. Michael's hand signs to Pam about Meredith which you understand perfectly. And Andy's blame game. A great episode that incorporates all of the amazing side characters from the show. I must say, the side characters end up being the real foundation of the show. So many laughs from Creed, Meredith, and Kevin, especially in the later seasons.

6. Gay Witch Hunt
Michael's lack of understanding and empathy come to the forefront here. So much pain watching Michael struggle to realize what Toby is telling him about Oscar. Then that kiss ... and Dwight following it ... is just cringe overload.

5. Scott's Tots
Speaking of cringe ... Scott's Tots has to be the most cringe worthy episode not only on The Office, but on Television. Like ever. Easily. Even the lines that aren't supposed to be the jokes are funny, like, "we already rescheduled 7 times." Watching Michael's face as the kids perform for him is engrained in my brain. Oh, and don't forget, the batteries are lithium.

4. Stress Relief
I'm sure you've seen the scene on Facebook or something. One of the greatest individual scenes from the series is in the episode. The CPR dummie! Ahh, so great how Michael can't figure out the beat, Kevin gives up way too quickly, and Dwight cutting the face off of the mask is a guaranteed laugh every time.

3. Training Day
Will Ferrell and Steve Carell. Together. Of course this episode will make the top 3. Will was awesome on the show and served as a great buffer to help us get over the departure of Michael Scott.

2. The Dinner Party
Holly and Michael belong together. There is no doubt about that. However, I love the Michael and Jan episodes. So much discomfort, dysfunction, and drama. This is the episode where all of their quirks and frustrations finally come out ... and it's in front of someone. Picturing this happening to myself is a nightmare. I don't know what I would do. I think this is why I avoid dinner parties.

1. Gossip
My favorite episode! This one gets me every time. It's the perfect display of who Michael Scott truly is. He wants to be liked more than anything and it gets him in trouble here, because let's be honest, that's why we gossip. We want people to like us and we want to be involved in the happenings around us. Of course, Michael takes this way too far, creating crazy rumors and unknowingly spreading rumors that are actually true (Jim and Pam) and even got Andy to question his own sexuality. When he gets Stanley's wife on the phone is, possibly, the hardest laugh in the entire series.

Am I missing any of the greats? Leave a comment or reach out to me on Twitter: @onairJACK.