You Don't Know Jack: Now You Do

Q10-4 things you should know about our new morning show co-host

March 16, 2018

Starting Monday, March 19th, you'll begin hearing a new voice during your drive into work. Jack Freeman will be joining The Jeremiah Show and, trust me, he is going to make you laugh. HARD.

Here are four fun facts about our new friend:

  1. Remember when I said he'll make you laugh? I meant it. Jack performs stand-up comedy on the side and has even once worked for Comedy Central.
  2. He's a self-proclaimed foodie... well, who isn't? When he moved to Cleveland, the first downtown spot he tried was Mabel's BBQ. I wonder if any of the barbecue sauce got stuck in his beard?
  3. Yep, he'll fit right in. Like us, Jack LOVES dogs -- his favorite is an English Bulldog! One of his goals is to one day have a house filled with 'em. Literally.
  4. So you're telling me there's a chance... that he will quote Dumb and Dumber all the time. It's his favorite movie!

For more on Jack, click here. Be sure to catch him with Jeremiah and Producer Paul weekday mornings from 5:30-10 on Q104. 

Here's a sneak peek of some of his previous shenanigans:

I no longer work in the news, but I'm still ruining live shots. @mojointhemorn

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