Ariana Grande Blasts Pete Davidson Over SNL Promo

She is not happy

November 2, 2018

USA Today Images © Admedia, Inc

Maybe this breakup was a little messier than we thought?

In a new promo for Saturday Night Live, Pete Davidson pokes fun at his short-lived engagement to singer Ariana Grande.

He joked about proposing to musical guest, Maggie Rogers, saying, "Hey Maggie, I'm Pete, you wanna get married?" After she responds no, Davidson says, "0 for three."

Making jokes about their relationship did not sit well with Ariana, she took to Twitter to tell him (and the rest of the world) how she felt about it.

YIKES! Ariana tweets "for somebody who claims to hate relevancy u sure love clinging to it huh."

She then retweeted and liked one tweet that read, "SNL is about to milk their breakup just like they did with the engagement."

All about staying relevant.