Indians Lose Combined No Hitter But Win The Game

No dice on the Tribe's no-no

April 5, 2019

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2018 Cy Young candidate Trevor Bauer is already in mid-season form, and had one of the best starts of his career last night to prove it.

Bauer threw 7 innings of no hit baseball against the Toronto Blue Jays, Bauer was untouchable last night and had 7 strikeouts, however his control was a bit off as he did allow 6 walks.

Despite Bauer carrying his no-hitter deep into the game, he was pulled from the game due to his pitch count of 117. According to Indians manager Terry Francona, he would have kept Bauer in the game if it were later in the season, but he doesnt want to hurt the ace. Trevor agreed with Tito's decision to pull him from the game as well, agreeing that it would be better to keep himself fresh in the early season.

After Bauer was pulled from the game, the no-hitter was kept alive through the 8th. But the Indians were put in a precarious situation as reliever Jon Edwards managed to walk the bases loaded with 2 out in the 8th, and closer Brad Hand was brought in and got the final out of the 8th. Hand lost the combined no-no with the first batter of the 9th, Freddie Galvis, hitting a liner to center.

Toronto managed to slightly rally the troops and scored a run in the 9th but Hand closed the door on the Jays and the Tribe won 4-1.

The last time the Tribe took a no-no this late into a game was in 2015 when Carlos "Cookie" Carrasco was spoiled on the final strike of the game against Tampa, and the last time the Indians actually completed a no-hitter was Lenny Bakers perfect game in 1981, also against Toronto.

Bauer looks hot this season, hes 1-0 in two starts on the young season and has only allowed 1 run in 14 innings and already has 17 strikeouts, as Bauer continues his momentum from last season.