Cleveland Marathon Announces Official Male Winner

May 23, 2018


By Paul Laux

The Cleveland Marathon went on without a hitch of the weekend, except for one kind of major thing.

At the end of the race, the unofficial Men's Marathon race winner was declared to be Daniel Mesfun. However, it was discovered that at one point, he wore a shirt over his bib, covering his number, which is in fact against the rules.

This caused other runners, specificially the individual in second, to assume he was not in the race.

Because of this, the Cleveland Marathon officials made an annoucement on the official winner.

During the press conference, they upheld the victory by Mesfun even though of his minor infraction.

"We concluded there was a lot of gray area. There's no denying his bib was covered at times. But it's also evident that Mr. Terer knew Mr. Mesfun was a fellow marathon competitor. And we do not believe Mr. Mesfun was intending to deceive anyone to gain an advantage."

The official winning time was 2:16:32.