Demi Lovato Speaks About Her Overdose

"I will keep fighting"

August 6, 2018

USA Today Images © Ron Elkman

It's been over two weeks since Demi Lovato was hopsitalized for an overdose, and for the first time, the singer has spoken out.

We have heard speculation that once she is released from the hospital, she would admit herself into rehab, but the singer is telling us herself, she will "keep fighting."

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"I now need time to heal and focus on my sobriety and road to recovery," the singer says. "I look forward to the day where I can say I came out on the other side."

The singer has struggled with her inner demons for years. She has been very open about her eating disorder, her diagnosis with bipolar disorder, and her substance abuse. She released a documentary last year entiteld "Simply Complicated," where the singer gave fans an intense and intimate look at her lowest and highest times. In the documentary, you will see her ex-sober companion, Mike Bayer, and long-term manager Phil McIntyre recount the years of ups and downs with Demi. It has been reported that Demi has recently fired both Bayer and McIntyre.

Although it has been a long road for Demi, from her own words, she will keep fighting.