Two Of The Biggest Things In The World Will Be In Cleveland This Weekend

A giant bouncy house in North Ridgeville, and a giant rubber duck in Sandusky!

July 12, 2018

Two BIG things happening this weekend in the Cleveland area! 

  • The biggest bouncy house in the world will be in North Ridgeville starting tomorrow through Sunday.
  • The biggest rubber ducky in the world will be at the Festival of Sail Sandusky today through Sunday.

The bouncy house is, as expected, pretty big. Inside, there are events and obstacles to choose from, including the Ninja Run and Monster Ball Pit. This is all ages! You do need to purchase tickets to get in. Prices start at $10.

The Rubber Duck is 6 STORIES TALL, not actually made of rubber, and her name is Mama Duck. You can find her at the shores of Lake Erie during the Festival of Sail Sandusky or floating around with all the boats! There are free events and street food on land, but you'll need tickets if you want to ride the ships and sailboats.

Have a fun weekend!