Justin Bieber Explains Selena Gomez In His Search History

Are Bieber and Hailz social media stalking Selena??

April 29, 2019

SIPA Images

Another day, another internet frenzy, this time surrounding Justin and Hailey Bieber potentially social media stalking Justin's ex-girlfriend, Selena Gomez.

The speculation started after Justin took to his Instagram story to deny a “Daily Telegraph” claim that he had walked out on a pregnant Hailey Baldwin.

In shutting down both the pregnancy and walking out rumors, Justin fans noticed that the search history on his computer listed the video for Gomez's "Taki Taki" Coachella performance with Ozuna, Cardi B and DJ Snake. But Justin insists there’s a logical explanation for that.

"It came up after my wife and I were [watching> my Coachella performance hers played right after mine because it's in the related thing," he explained. “I have [nothing> to hide. I [didn’t> know it was there [and> I didn’t think twice and still don’t [because I> have [nothing> to hide."

He then pleaded with fans to stop, “reading into things so much and making something out of nothing," adding "these are real lives you guys are talking about real emotions stop acting like you know anything about anything." 

Hailey Bieber also took to social media to defend herself.

But it's the next tweet that got fans in a frenzy, again.

Which... IRONICALLY... is what Selena Gomez said in an interview about mental health merely DAYS ago. Fans are now trolling Hails HARD about it.